Vaping Maintenance: Tips on How to Clean Your Vape Device

Introduce a quick history of Electronic Cigarettes

The first sort of electronic cigarette came in 1963, from a person called Herbert A. Gilbert. His invention was known as a non-tobacco cigarette where a nicotine solution was heated to supply steam, but no product was manufactured.

In 1979, after 16 years Dr. Norman Jacobson invented a new type of e-cigarette called the Favor cigarette. This device gave users how to inhale nicotine without the smoke. Dr. Jacobson was also one among the people that made the word ‘vaping’ famous. In the years that followed, there have been no improvements or developments in electronic cigarettes, and therefore the invention was ignored.

The tobacco production companies had on the mass market. In the 60s and 70s, cigarettes were considered to be a traditional part of life; they were allowed wherever with little opposition. Even the harmful side effects were ignored, while the advertising campaigns continued to grow.

Tips of Vape Maintenance


Maintaining your e-cig is usually seen because of the least enjoyable part of vaping. Why would you like to waste time cleaning your tank once you might be blowing massive clouds instead? Know more about Vaping Helps to Quit Smoking: The Facts You Need to Know.

The answer is just because you should.

Without the right care and maintenance, your e-cig won’t function properly and will potentially become problematic to use, so we’ve put together a concise guide about the foremost essential things to try and to stay your e-cig functioning properly. Here are some tips for vape maintenance by vape club UK.

Tanks Maintenance

Try to clean your tank every other week, or whenever you would like to vary to a fresh coil. Tanks can become clogged over time and won’t work to their full potential unless clean. When filled, store your tank in an upright position; this may prevent leaking and potential damage to your kit or the other personal items.

Coils Maintenance

Let’s learn how to clean vape coil. Rinsing a second-hand coil with water can increase its lifespan for a brief while; however, it’s not recommended that you do that, as you’ll cause damage to the remainder of your kit. Always use your coils within the recommended wattage or temperature range, as this may make them last longer and stop them from burning out.

Mods Maintenance

Quick guide on how to clean vape mods. Always confirm your mod is clean, whether this is often from excess liquid or dirt. A fresh mod may be a happy mod, and it also means you’re far less likely to drop it too.

Batteries Maintenance

Store batteries correctly, in sleeve or case. Don’t overcharge batteries or use unlicensed ones, as they will be dangerous. Do not use batteries if they’re damaged in any way.

E-Liquids Maintenance

Always put the lid back on once opened and store during a cool and dry place faraway from sunlight. If your e-liquid has formed some crystals, gently warm it up during a bowl of warm water (not boiling, as this may cause issues with the contents and therefore the bottle).

The Bottom Line

For now, companies need to follow the principles that began by the TPD and FDA. In light of this, we should always expect innovative ways to make the purest vaping experience possible, while still complying with the regulations. Either way, we all know that the amount of vapers has increased at a vast rate, and can still do so, as they see the advantages of vaping in comparison to smoking. We’re watching a future with more sociability and less harm.

This is not a definitive list of maintenance tips; however, it should be enough to stay your device working to good order also as keeping you safe from any potential accidents. Inspect our post for more in-depth guides and recommendations on maintaining your e-cig.

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