Top electric dab rigs of 2020

Everyone loves lists, and that’s why we have reviewed some of the best electric rigs for 2020, each receiving a favorable recommendation from our smoke accessory fans. Most dab rigs offer natural diffusion, while traditional bongs provide exceptional filtration. Burning dry plant materials requires better diffusion, while waxes, oils, and concentrates do not require as much diffusion due to the focus on taste.

How did we pick the best rigs? Most of our clients consider:

Dab Nails: Choose a suitable dab nail-from the most common banger quartz to titanium, ceramic, and other domes varieties.

Style: Dab rigs come in various sizes, from recyclers, tiny rigs, nectar collectors, and different patterns, colors, and designs.

Filtration: How does the dab rig disperse smoke? Many dab rigs have fast diffusion than conventional bongs. They also provide more powerful filtering.

Boost Edition Dab rig from Dr Dabber

The E -rig is popular because it is a portable, battery-powered electric rig that goes for less than $200. Dr. Dabber has perfected the idea of mobile battery-powered-e rigs. While entirely compact (and does not need a dab torch), it still works with a dab nail-like typical tabletop rigs.

It also filters the hit through the water, similar to conventional dab rigs.  However, unlike most rigs, your nail will be heated at your preset temperature in just 25 seconds. Choose a suitable dab nail from popular quartz nails to titanium, ceramic, or other ball-less nails.

It has a straightforward functionality, so you won’t require a degree in technology to use it. There is only one button: only press it and be ready to enjoy delicious dabs. (Press it five times, to heat the quartz nail at a higher temperature). It has a battery and everything else you need for dabbing. (Except the concentrates)

 Cheech & Chong Vapor Bubbler

The Cheech and Chong dab rig measures 8.25 inches in height and has a showerhead percolator. Showerheads are often considered the best way to filter bubbles into bongs, and they split smoke into tons of tiny bubbles, amplifying the filtration effects of water.

You may want to replace the nails with glass concentrate, but it is easy as the joint is only about 1 / 4 inch thick and about the size of a regular nail. (The rigs at that price point come with a glass dab nail that can break under the extreme warmth of your dab torch.)

It features a bent neck and a flared mouthpiece for a relaxed, laid- back a touch. The bubbler has a fixed, fortified backend system that connects to the robust double-stage percolator for maximum filtering. There is also a two-side handle vapor dome. Customers love the quick delivery and a stylish box packaging that makes it a perfect gift.

Kandy Pens Oura

Those who acknowledge a long-lasting construction and large clouds should consider the Oura Kandy Pens. It has a curved neck, steam dome, two lateral handles, and the bladder equipped with reinforced fixed handles for maximum filtration.

The quartz nozzle ensures denser clouds, while the ceramic bowl improves the flavor. It consists of a zinc alloy shell and can be operated with one hand, is portable, and is super customization. Last but not least, the Oura, which retails for $349.95, offers a wide range of features including 3000mAh power supply, and a quick heat-up time (15 seconds)

Leaf buddi Wuukah

Leaf buddy Wuukah has a carefully built glass construction, which helps avoid undesired splashing. The unique LED screen in Wuukah is an even better feature. This enormous display shows your time, temperature, and the number of buffs. There are also three types of cups for this E-rig — titanium, quartz, and ceramic — and a wide variety of thermal settings.

Galaxy E-nails Big Ripper

If you are a person looking for portability, get the latest Galaxy E-nails e-nail rig, the Big Ripper. Its integrated battery provides twice the battery power of a single18650 battery for massive dabs. An update from their previous e-rig, it heats up in 15 seconds and works on your dab for 30-seconds. It includes more significant heating components and more efficient plates. The Big Ripper’s cost around $79.95 and is quite small. It is hard to complain about that price for such an entry-level unit.


All items in this list provide valuable experience. You can’t go wrong with your pick if you’re looking for a quick and successful dabbing. The best portable dab vaporizers for you will vary depending on the design, price, or functionality. Expect to see further progress in the electric rig market in 2020, and let us know in the comments if you see something that we have missed.

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Written by Sheli Gibbs

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