How to leverage Jamstack for web development in 2021?

What makes modern websites more efficient? It is the question that makes many people wonder, what has changed? Recent web development has switched to the latest technologies like Jam Stack.

It is an advanced web development technique that involves Javascript, APIs, and Mark-ups. Though all of these technologies were already there even with monolithic web development. But, the recent adaptation of them fused in a single advanced technique has changed web development.

The question that remains for most businesses is why Jam stack? Most companies around the world lose $2.6 billion a year due to slow-loading websites. So, as a business, you need faster loading websites. Another aspect is the design, and here, it is all about the UX or user experience.

With 89% of consumers choosing competitors over bad user-experiences proves how design is essential? Jam stack can help firms achieve better user experiences and faster loading websites. Here, we have discussed how can you leverage Jam stack development for your websites?

Static Site Generators:

SSGs or Static Site Generators are used for pre-rendering of mark-ups. In non-technical terms, whenever a user requests a web page, a monolithic architecture would need server-side code execution.

But, with a static site generator, pre-built mark-up can render HTML codes that can be hosted on any cloud server.

Here, it is essential to note that the SSGs can be Javascript based and non-Javascript based too. The correlation between the SSG and Jam stack is referred to as mark-up only.

For firms, a pre-built mark-up means faster loading times. As the server-side execution is reduced or hosted to external servers, it enables faster websites.

Reusable APIs:

APIs or Application Programming Interface is the link between users and the system. They are a set of protocols that determine the rules of system interaction. With monolith architectures, APIs were hard to handle.

Take an example of an e-commerce platform. It has different product pages, cart, listings, and other pages under a single administrative dashboard. Now, whenever a user requests for product information, the system needs to access the database for complete product information.

As the e-commerce platform scales up, the database load goes higher. And every single change would need to execute fresh APIs. But, with Jam stack managing the product listing database becomes easier through reusable APIs.

True Headless CMS:

With JAM stack development, you get the benefit of headless CMS(Content Management System). An Ideal CMS like WordPress is a monolith that has its frontend and backend closely related.

A headless CMS, on the other hand, differentiates both the layers. A presentation layer that showcases the data whenever a user requests for it and the database layer. So, you can easily make it to your database, without changing how your data is presented to the user?

Signing Off:

In the age of mobile-first strategies and rapid development, Jam stack is the best option. It can provide robust, scalable, and flexible web development for your business. So, whether you want best-in-class web development or scalable web-apps, Jam stack is your way to success.


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