5 Ways to improve immunity amidst lockdown during COVID-19

COVID-19 hit the global population last winter. It started from China, and now it is one of the biggest Pandemic ever to have hit the earth. Apart from social distancing and other guidelines that the WHO(World Health Organization) provided, there is one thing that can help the world-” Immunity.”

The global immunity-based drug market has seen an enormous rise after COVID-19. The market will see an incremental growth of $919.81 million by 2023. The year over year growth of the market will be 2.72% and A CAGR of 5%. A CAGR is the compound annual growth rate for any market.

The surge in the market indicates a panic buying of Immunity based drugs. But, can we replicate the effect of immunity boost by drugs with some natural elements? Yes for sure. But, before we go to that, let’s first understand what Immunity is?

What is Immunity in humans?

Immunity is the first line of defense by a human body. Whenever there is a viral attack on a human body like Corona or flu, the body unleashes white blood cells or WBCs that form an army of fighting cells. But, it is prone to inactiveness. So, vaccines are those antibodies or proteins that help activate such cells in case of a viral attack. Now that we know what Immunity is? Let’s understand how to achieve that.

  • Short Workouts:

Any workout session between 30-45 minutes can help your body increase the number of WBCs and immunity-based cells. Short bursts of intensive physical exercises can help your body produce more antibodies and immunity powers.

  • Anti-inflammatory Ingredients:

While at home, try to have anti-inflammatory foods. Foods such as turmeric, ginger, walnuts, tomatoes, blueberries, and even olive oil. Most of these foods are readily available, even in the lockdown, and can boost your Immunity.

  • Vitamin C and D:

Though stepping out and having some Sun for vitamin D is not an option. One can choose to eat Salmon, egg whites, and other such foods while the vitamin is a lot easier with lemons and oranges in your system.

  • High-Fibre:

High fiber foods can be taken in two ways. There many veggies and fruits rich in fiber. While there are variants of wheat that are rich in fiber, oats, muesli, semolina, quinoa, and many others can be rich in fiber.

Fruits like apples, bananas, and others are also rich in fibers. Green veggies are the best source of fibers, and even vitamin B. Fiber-rich food helps your system to stay clean and boost higher Immunity.

  • Legendary Green Tea:

Straight out of Chinese culture, green tea, or herbal tea has the quality of boosting Immunity. Its antioxidants help intoxicate your body. It also helps the body to increase the production of antibodies. Add some honey and lemon juice to make it healthier.


Many governments around the world have enforced lockdowns. But, that might not be enough. All you need is your line of defense against COVID-19. One, we can use these five ways and help boost Immunity. Though this is not one day wonder, it can certainly help.

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