Trelleborg tyres: New, innovative and customizable

Based in Italy, Trelleborg is a parent company to several successful subsidiaries. One of the prominent names in that list is Mitas, based in the Czech Republic. It produces and supplies its goods in a worldwide network. Thus, Trelleborg has become a household name in the field of agricultural tyres.

Tyre making is only a part of the business the multi-national company involves itself in. But, agricultural tyres make up most of their business, the numbers reaching around 70 per cent. Trelleborg, headed by Paolo Pompei, claims to excel in manufacturing. That is because they have set up several production facilities across the globe. Manufacturing in 17 factories on three separate continents is a boost towards their success. They believe, establishing similar manufacturing houses in a place will help support the local market. While they have spread over the whole of Europe, they have only two facilities in the USA.

The tyre technology is always developing, and Trelleborg wants to bring customers the best in the industry. With every new release, they plan on perfecting older technology and implementing new.

Introducing PneuTrac tyres

According to Piero Mancinelli, the R&D director, agriculture and forestry tyres, the PneuTrac tyres are “tracks on wheels”. That is, it is a hybrid that combines track technology with radial tyres. These tyres are about 20 per cent lighter than regular tracks. Thus, the amount of stress put on the soil will also be lower. Whenever you are in doubt refer to the tyre size guide.

The sidewalls of these tyres are reinforced with the new CupWheel technology. The sidewall design is Omega. This design is ideal for bearing the load while remaining flexible. Wide footprint at low tyre pressure, hinders soil compaction. PneuTracs have efficient lugs throughout the entire track. Presence of inter-lug platforms serves the self-cleaning purpose. They are made for orchards and vineyards having steep terrains, narrow rows and intricate roots and vines.


Farmers are always looking for tyres that are low in pressure as they can lessen soil compaction. But, a low-pressure tyre comes with its own sets of disadvantages. Those include a rise in slipping, lower tyre performance and an affected efficiency. To minimize these downsides while maintaining low pressure, Trelleborg has introduced SmartConnect sensors. There are two sensors in each wheel that relay the slippage, temperature and speed information to the dashboard. That occurs through the use of Bluetooth and wireless technology. Whenever there is a compromise in any of these factors, the cultivator can adjust to balance it out. The existence of a built-in GPS allows it to act as an anti-theft mechanism.


When everything in the world is customizable to your needs, why not your Tyres Online. Trelleborg has explored this world as the company now allows buyers to write their names on the tyres. That gives the customers a real sense that the tyres are theirs’. Filling up an on-line order form will allow this customization to take place.

Everything for everyone

One of the best features of Trelleborg tyres is their variety. It allows customers with different needs to buy from one reputed parent company. Whatever your tyre requirements are, there will be one for you.

The tyre industry has grown immensely in recent years. This has brought several tyres, automobiles, and a lot more just to enhance your experience and reach up to your expectations. Therefore, when you are looking for the ideal set of tyres, reach out to the nearest garage and explore the variety thoroughly before making a final purchase. it will not only help you shortlist your preferences but will also enable you to understand the different options available in the market. with a number of tyres for vehicles of all types to run on different terrains during the changing weather, make sure you get the best one suiting your budget, needs and requirements, today.

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