Why Are SEO Scores Crucial for Freelancing?

SEO refers to the process where the quantity and quality of website traffic is kept in check in order to improve the search results. This is basically the unpaid results of direct traffic. Also known as natural and organic results, these are not affected or promoted by using paid promotion. Here are some of the major aspects that directly affect the SEO scores of any website or web link.

H1 Tags: The larger headers used on the title of the website content that will surface on the Google search results are known as H1 Tags. These are important because they will come up while searching based on the keywords used on them.

Keyword Density: The keyword density refers to the number of times, and the frequency of the keyword that has been searched appears on your website. This does not only include the keyword in the H1 tag or the heading but also includes the number of times the keyword appears on your particular article. Google also considers the use of synonym keywords so try to keep your article subtle but perfect.

Meta Description: It is defined as the area under the <meta> HTML tags in your website. Again, this can be viewed by anyone who searches for keywords that are present in the heading; thus, this has to catch the eye and attention of the viewer.

Permalinks: This means the permanent links that are specific to your website only. You can always include keywords in these URLs so that it ranks higher in Google and comes in the attention of the viewers.

SEO tactics and scores are extremely important because

● It is obviously the tool for any website owner who wants to get more traffic to the

website by optimization and maintaining the level over the search engine.

● Maintaining the position on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and other popular ones

is extremely important as the SEO ranking can be monitored by Alexa and other ranking


● SEO optimizers look for keywords to get traffic and should always be aware about the

latest tools that come up being useful in order to get submitting text over free article


● Ethics are very crucial when you are trying to optimize your website using SEO. There

are obviously many cheat codes and cracks that can be used to optimize shortcuts to get

better results, but they’re automatically trap under crawler and should be avoided

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