Vaping Instead of Smoking: The Facts you would like to Know!

The war on cigarettes has been happening for many years. While the risks of tobacco are constantly advertised, smoking remains a plague everywhere across the globe – that was until e-cigarettes entered the market. So try vaping instead of smoking.

Over the previous couple of years, support for the devices has grown massively; following the revolutionary report from Public Health England that stated e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. This first report sparked interest and led to MPs calling on the government to relax the laws around vaping places publicly.

After researching the reservations many have, we’ve sought expert advice that will answer your questions.

Are E-cigarettes a Less Harmful Alternative?

Yes. Experts across the board have said e-cigarettes are better primarily because they don’t contain tobacco. A study funded by Cancer Research UK found that those that vaped e-cigarettes had 97% less cancer-causing chemicals than cigarette smokers.

While vaping itself has not been related to any severe health risks within the UK. Some people have concerns about second-hand vapour, but there are no links to causing harm to others. Consistent with the NHS and therefore, the California Department of Public Health, second-hand vapour is harmless.

How is E-liquid Different than Tobacco?

The primary difference between these two words is that the lack of carcinogens in e-liquid – that are linked to pulmonary disease, disorder, and cancer in lungs, among many other ailments.

The four ingredients of e-liquid are PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine), Nicotine and Food Flavourings. The weather PG and VG are researched for many years and are prominent ingredients in many foods, medicines, herbal and cosmetic products.

Are E-cigarettes Safe?

Previously, news outlets everywhere the planet has reported that e-cigarettes have caught fire or maybe exploded. However, this is often misleading news.

Starter devices, including pods and pens, have a security warranty, having been produced by notable brands, who must meet the standards of the market.

Buying from reputable stores, like Vampire Vape heisenberg, who stock trusted and leading manufacturers, make sure you are buying trialled and tested products.

Can you Smoke & Vape at the Same Time?

Smoking and vaping at an equivalent time aren’t recommended as you’re still inhaling the carcinogens from traditional cigarettes. However, studies have found that doing both is not any worse than smoking itself.

Switching in one step could be easy for a few, but not for all. Nicotine is very addictive, and for several, it is often too difficult to quit cold turkey. In such cases, lowering gradually may help with the transition and is probably going to form it a permanent one at that

Will it Save me Money?

YES! on the average, an individual who smokes five each day will save £75 per month, which equates to £912.50 per annum. Whereas, on average, a vaper who uses e-liquid will spend £20-25 per month, which is like £240 – £300 per annum. Going off the typical figures, an individual would save £672.50 – £612.50 per year! You can also try vampire vape calculator.

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