Is There A Vaccine For Covid-19 Yet

Surely the latest news going around the world at the moment is about Covid-19. With deaths surpassing about 2.7 million, scientists want to find a cure for the pandemic soon. The efforts are also doubled for developing certain vaccines as well as treatment for slowing down the pandemic.

People are trying their level best to decrease the damage from this disease which has managed to claim many lives. In the early stages of developing vaccines, most options will be drugs. These drugs have the approval for specific conditions, and tests are happening currently.

People are finally looking into specific existing antiviral options that might do the trick. Also, new drugs are under formation for development to tackle this virus.

Some Light Into The Matter of A Covid-19 Vaccine

The Coronavirus vaccine is still under the testing, and there are few options available for people. Just a few days back, the FDA stated an emergency declaration for certain anti-malaria drugs. These drugs are Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

Even the doctors are recommending these medications for teens and adults who are recently in the hospital. These medications help in controlling the symptoms when a proper clinical trial is not possible to conduct.

Despite being the popular form of medication, officials have some doubts about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine. There is speculation by the European Union that there is improper evidence about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

Also, some sources are currently using these medications outside the clinics and the medical facilities. The agency has made it pretty clear that there might be some heart-related problems for those who take these drugs. There could be some severe and life-threatening heart rhythm issues. Hence, the connection of these drugs to heart problems is proof that these are not safe options.

Also, according to the JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, Chloroquine can cause some irregular heartbeats in people. There is a chance of losing life, too, since two dozen people have already died after taking the medication’s regular dosage.

These medications will not be available in pharmacies and medical stores nearby. It is because officials want to test the safety of these drugs and decide the proper dosage for patients.

We are certainly making a lot of progress when it comes to finding the perfect vaccination for Covid-19. But then, these achievements and discoveries will make more sense when the results are all positive. There are some cases where medications are in the process of creation.

These medications are tested on animals. So, there is still some time left to find the perfect vaccination for the people out there.


What we need at the moment is a speedy discovery of the right vaccination. With the help of technologies such as genetic sequencing, there is still some hope left for the people out there.

Till then, people have to rely on methods such as temperature checks, social distancing, and hygienic practices to mitigate the risks of Covid-19.

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