Why Server Uptime is important while choosing webhosting?

When you’re thinking about developing a website, hosting is the second most crucial thing that comes after domain. Because finding reliable and high performing web hosting is not so easy, especially when you have the number of hosting options to choose from such as shared, dedicated, business and VPS.

However, going with expensive or cheapest hosting option is not a solution too. Because there is a lot of things to consider such as hosting space, server speed, reliability, support and many more key factors. But in the end, your server uptime is one of the primary key factors that can make or break your business in multiple ways.

What is Server uptime?

Well, server uptime is the amount of time when your server is online and running without any downtime. Generally, this server uptime is listed in percentage. It is just one kind of measurement. So, next time when you see any hosting service provider with high uptime consider hosting your website over there so, your website will always be up & live. It makes it easy for your readers or customer to access your website at any time without any issue.

How is Server Uptime calculated?

There is no particular site that offers 100% uptime because they have to maintain servers and perform regular check-ups to keep it up all the time. But think what if there is no server downtime and your server is up 24×7, and so your site is. Anyways, it’s always recommended enrolling for a server that offers minimum “99.9% uptime”.

To make things easier to understand for you, here is a calculation of server downtime during the month as per Hosting Manual.

99 % – 7 hours 12 minutes

99.9 % – 43 minutes 12 seconds

99.99 % – 4 minutes 19 seconds

99.999 % – 26 seconds

99.9999 % – 3 seconds

Why is Server Uptime so Important?

What if your customer hit your URL in their browser’s address bar and your website is not online, it hurts right? According to Invisionapp, 88% of shoppers are not likely to revisit the website after having a lousy user experience. No matter how much time, money, and effort you have done to drive traffic to your site but downtime washes all it away. That’s the reason why server uptime is the biggest concern while choosing the right hosting provider for your business.

In this, today’s competitive market, many service providers are offering a lot of perks and promises to catch more customers. So be careful & go with the one who provides uptime guarantee that means if your website faces more downtime than a certain percentage, you’re entitled to get a refund. But before that read their server uptime policy carefully.

Closing Thoughts:

So, now you know why uptime is important while choosing web hosting, make sure you are choosing the right hosting partner that helps your business to grow by keeping your business website alive. Because no matter how beautiful your website is, it is entirely ineffective if people can’t access it. Also, it’s not easy to find a perfect hosting provider that fits your pocket. However, monitor your website uptime to make sure that your site is accessible to all visitors, and if not, then it’s time to change your hosting service provider.

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