How will Corona affect the IT Tech jobs in 2021?

The coronavirus outbreak that struck the world at the epicenter of China is pandemic now. The sudden epidemic has left many organizations caught in the cold. Corporates were not equipped or even ready for remote working capabilities.

With further outbreaks, there have been widespread lockdowns. It has led to several jobs laid off and a resounding decrease in new applications.

According to Statista, Manufacturing, retail, and IT sector are the primary areas to be impacted by Corona. There has been a disruption of supply chains due to the outbreak, and the manufacturing industry is already short of the workforce. The IT-sector, however, is not completely shutdown.

But, it has to face multi-faceted challenges that are going to shape up IT jobs of 2021. Let. discuss some of the ramifications of COVID-19 on IT Technologies jobs that will change it forever.

Remote Workplace:

Work From Home(WFH) or Remote workplaces is not new for IT-based businesses. But, the fact that they have to go completely remote was never on their mind. With the COVID-19 outbreak, this is something new.

As of 2018, only 29% of Americans use to work from home. Increasing this capacity from 29% to roundabout 70-80% is a massive challenge for the IT industry. With the demand in remote workplaces, there will be a huge demand for remote workers.

Need of 5G:

5G was coming to significant business. But, with this pandemic, the need for a 5G network has become paramount. The current scenario has forced the issue. And 2021, will see more acceptance and urgency towards 5G.

It will be more prevalent in countries where there are infrastructure challenges. 5G networks are more advanced than the current 4G LTE networks. They need extensive infrastructure for widespread installations.

As the IT technology firms grapple with the situation of network clutter due to remote workplaces, they will push for rapid infrastructure development. This will create more job opportunities related to networking in IT. Network engineers, system engineers, and other such networking jobe will have higher payouts in 2021.

Digital Communications:

The need for digital communications capable of keeping up with remote needs is in demand. We have already seen the rise of accessible virtual workplaces like Skype, Zoom, Slack, and even Google Hangouts. As the year of 2021 will come, we could see strategies integrating such virtual workplaces.

There will be a demand for remote workers well-versed in such digital communications. Job seekers who can work around such apps and tools will be preferred for hiring in 2021.


There are other aspects of jobs in the IT technology field for 2021. One issue is several unemployed people that will rise after the pandemic. So, there would be a massive influx of new professionals.

On the other hand, there will be a considerable workforce ready to upgrade with new skills. These lockdowns have brought more free time for these employees to gain new skills. So, 2021 is going to be exciting for the IT technology industry and they know it!

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