Activities to Do During CoronaVirus Quarantine

Activities to Do During CoronaVirus Quarantine

So, you’re stuck at home during a COVID-19 pandemic. You can’t go to the theatre or your favourite restaurant. So, what you do for the whole day? Here are some ideas, which will help keep you engaged during this time.

Use your free time during pandemic days, and you can take advantage of online solutions that will ensure entertainment and, in some cases, knowledge. Many websites have offered free streaming movies, online course, and web series, especially for the isolation season.

Get Creative 

Have you ever seen artwork and thought “wow, I wish I could make that”. Whatever you would like to draw or paint, you’ll learn the method through online courses and challenge yourself. Experiment with different mediums, charcoal, pencil, oil paints and more to seek out what you enjoy best. It can offer you a real sense of accomplishment once you’ve got them hanging on your wall.

Take Online Courses

Another possible activity for the quarantine of the coronavirus is to require online courses. Many websites offer free classes for the quarantine period, within the areas of Communication, Business, Programming, Marketing, Behavior, Sales, among others. To seek out the choices, just search, open the search filters and choose the option “Free”.

Try New Recipes

Quarantine time is often filled within the kitchen. There are lots of videos available for different dishes, with the detailing of the ingredients and step by step. It’s possible to seek out sweet, salty recipes, for starters, main course and dessert, also as healthy options, sauces, and side dishes.

Review Old Photos

Isn’t it a good time to revisit old photos? Google Photos and iCloud gather all the files registered in your account which is stored within the cloud, allowing you to relive important moments with the family. Recently, Google Photos released a feature that shows memories from previous years at the highest of the screen, allowing you to look at the memories more easily.


Reading increases creativity and imagination, lowers stress levels and make you smarter. Find a book according to your interest and free downloads online. You’ll even start a book club together with your friends and discuss online. Feeling inspired by all the new books you’ve read, you can also try to write something your own.

Puzzles & Games

Find out your those boards games and have a friendly match. There’s nothing like going to know your family better than over a game of Monopoly. If you’re in self-isolation and haven’t anyone to play connect 4 with, you’ll download many games on your phone like “Scrabble…with friends” or “chess…with friends” etc.


Due to pandemic, schools also shut, many parents are finding themselves plunged into trying to home school their children. Nowadays, teachers will provide lessons, whether online or on paper, to assist meet children’s academic needs. Help your children to learn solutions quickly.

Watch Movies & Web Series

Streaming services are the favourite pastime of many people. During this period of isolation, several platforms have made their complete services available for free of charge to users who haven’t any subscription. Thus, it’s possible to watch popular movies and series without having to pay. Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial for the user to undertake the app. The catalogue includes films just out of the cinema, like the live-action versions of Alladin, The Lion King and Toy Story 4. Original series and movie also are available for the whole family.

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