Why it is important to test your software before delivery?

In this fastest growing era, businesses started relying on software that is designed to reduce human efforts in repetitive tasks to save time and effort. Because humans are prone to making mistakes that might be expensive or dangerous at the end. Thus, to ensure the quality and reliability of software for the end-users, testing your software on different stages is essential.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is one kind of process or method that helps developers to identify errors or bugs that occurs during the development phase. Generally, this kind of software testing process is either done manually by a person or using automated tools to get meet requirements.

Generally, manual software testing is conducted by experienced Quality Assurance (Q&A) Executive that prepares and tests software by going through each line of code to reduce bugs. But in large scale organization, automated testing is used to find flaws in less time with minimal efforts.

Because it is an integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that helps to improve the quality, performance & authenticity. It entirely depends on software development companies to adopt any of the two methods as there are no specific predefined standards.

5 Reasons why software testing is a must for your Business:

1. Meet Software Requirements:

To design & develop software according to the predefined plan, it is salient to test the software after each development phase. So, if any bugs get caught in the earlier stage, it can be fixed quickly. It not only reduces future bugs but also results in terms of increased system stability.

2. Customer Satisfaction:

The popularity of software ultimately depends on it easy to usage and comfortness for the end-users that make their operation hassle-free. Because at the end of the day, the client wants a system that is a feature pack, bug-free, and consistent, which is only possible by conducting testing at each development stage.

3. Less Maintenance:

Testing truly helps you to build a durable solution for the long run as it prevents your system from future crashes and problems. It also reduces software maintenance costs by lowering the amount in the long term.

4. Increased Performance:

The ultimate goal for developers is always to develop software that is optimized for better performance that boosts the productivity of the end-users. However, the only way to achieve significant performance is testing that discovers defects/bugs before delivering to the client, which guarantees quality and performance.

5. Robust & Futureproof:

Experimental testing always helps to make your more system more futureproof by omitting small bugs. It not just makes your system robust but also makes it more secure by closing the doors for hackers and security breaches. Delivering such multiple times tested software for your business keeps user’s privacy, security, and data limited to authorized users only.

To summarize, the importance of software testing is crucial as it plays an essential role in the whole SDLC cycle that improves system stability, consistency, and performance. Because even if one mistake goes unseen and your system starts triggering unknown errors that result in either system damage or business loss. So, make sure you are testing your software multiple times before its release.

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