Travel Insurance: Should Your Next Trip Be Insured?


Travel Insurance: Should Your Next Trip Be Insured?

While some talk about travel insurance, many questions arise in your mind is like, ”Do I need travel insurance?” ”I am wasting my money, will I ever actually use my travel insurance ?” or ”What if my claim is not accepted in the end? Let me satisfy your eagerness thru this blog.

Travel insurance can cover unexpected things like a medical emergency, an accident of vehicle, flight cancelation, luggage loss, and many more. That doesn’t mean that this insurance has only the good side. Here we go thru the pros and cons of travel insurance.

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Support in a Medical Emergency. You may be surprised to know that your local health insurance plans (or mediclaim) are not covered when you are visiting another country. While travel insurance supports medical treatment from a foreign hospital. Travel insurance can cover almost all injuries.

Loss of Income. During your trip, suppose you are injured and can not return to work; you will be paid your loss of income till you ready for the work. Some plans may not include this benefit, so confirm your plan with your agent.

Delay or Lost Luggage. Unfortunately, if your luggage is delay more than 12 hours, travel insurance will cover your cost like buying a cloth, etc. If your things or luggage lost or stolen during the trip, then you are also included. Your insurance can cover all your expenses, which you have to bear.

Delay An cancelation Of Flight. It may happen often, and it is out of your control. Don’tDon’t worry, and your travel insurance plan may cover any cancelation fees that you have to pay. It would be best if you had to buy travel insurance to cover the expenses like this.

Vehicle Rental Protection. If you rent a car and you face an accident (even if it was a minor) or stolen, then don’t take stress your insurance will pay for this car. Travel insurance can cover up such an unexpected financial expense.

Stress-Free Journey

If you face any trouble, you found that your travel insurance is there. It can cover all incidents like loss of luggage, injury, flight delay, or cancelation for you. Travel is an unpredictable thing. Especially when you are in an unfamiliar country, but buying the right travel insurance is greater peace of mind.


Basic Plans Are Not Cover Pre-Medical Conditions. Basic insurance plans may not cover pre-medical conditions and chronic disease; some disease includes but is not limited to diabetes, heart problem, cancer, or epilepsy. If you are suffering from these problems, you will go for the unique plans that need an extra premium.

Make Sure Cover All Medical Emergency when it comes to a medical emergency that will burn your whole pocket. In some medical emergency like a snake bite, you have to rush to the emergency room. So make sure your plans may cover all types of medical emergencies.

Loopholes of Insurance. The best travel insurance also not cover the precise things like suppose you are climbing the hill and faces an accident. If you are falling from a certain height is considered an adventure injury that is not covered by any travel insurance.

You Can Not End Up Your Trip. Suppose you face an accident before you start travelling, and you are thinking of going back to home. Unfortunately, you will waste your money on insurance. Some plans may not allow you to end up your trip before it starts. So make sure before buying any policy.

The Bottom Line

Some people prefer to travel without a travel insurance plan and think it is worth to take a risk. The fact is, if you face and incident, you have to pay double amount than the insurance policy. So if you travel frequently, then it is advisable to buy annual travel insurance.

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