Top 4 Budget-Friendly International Destinations

“Travelling to foreign destinations is extremely expensive”- This is one of the most popular myths that are prevalent even during modern times. But getting hold of the right packages can help one to escape from the fear of burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, this can assure an individual to plan a dream holiday at a beautiful international destination without worrying much about the expenditure. Meticulous research is all that is required to prepare the entire international trip most smartly and cost-effectively.

Places to visit

Vietnam– This particular Southeast Asian country is trendy for its beautiful beaches along with the magnificent Buddhist Pagodas. Vietnam can be that ultimate holiday destination for an individual who has been planning to get some solace for an extended period. A one-way traveling to Vietnam can amount to nearly 17,000 rupees. The hotels at this particular destination are also extremely budget-friendly. One can also find the best quality meals at several decent restaurants, which can serve a 3-course meal at affordable prices.

Bhutan– Within an approximate amount of 4,000 rupees, an individual can easily plan a trip to Bhutan. The bordering town of Bhutan that is Hasimara can be easily reached by traveling on a train to West Bengal. This can be followed by taking a cab to travel to Phuntshoeling- all of which can be easily covered within this particular budget. One can also opt for staying at the local residences, which can, in a way, help him or her to soak in the local culture and traditions of the place in a way like never before. This can also be achieved at a pocket-friendly price along with affordable meals.

South Korea– Planning to spend that much-awaited international vacation in Korea can be an expensive one. But doing the right research for the most budgeted deals and packages can undoubtedly help one to plan the entire trip at an overall price of 28,000 rupees approximately. Traveling in big groups can further help to reduce this particular price. Affordable hotels and meals can help you to enjoy your vacation in the most fulfilling manner.

Thailand- Getting hold of those irresistible deals at affordable prices is all that one needs to plan a trip to Thailand cost-effectively. The per-night costing of all the decent hotels in Thailand will help one to keep control of his or her budget because of its pocket-friendly prices along with complimentary meals.

Wrapping Up:

The 21st century has witnessed advancement in every other field, which has ultimately led to an overall increase in the budget of almost everything. But, at the same time, planning that much-awaited international vacation at pocket-friendly prices has also become quite popular in modern times. This is because nowadays, a number of deals and packages are available that can help one to curb the cost expenditure that is required for traveling to such international destinations. Therefore, one can now quickly go ahead and do all the necessary research to get hold of some of the irresistible offers to travel to his or her favorite international destination at affordable prices.

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