PHP 8: Unleashing the Power of JIT Compiler and New Features for Developers



PHP is a popular open-source scripting language that has been powering the web for over 25 years. It is the backbone of many websites and applications, including some of the biggest names in the tech industry. On November 26th, 2020, php 8 new features was released, bringing with it a host of new features and im-provements. In this article, we’ll ex-plore what’s new in PHP 8 and what you need to know as a developer.

What’s New in PHP 8?

PHP 8 is a major release with several new features and improvements, including:

JIT Compiler

The most significant feature of PHP 8 is the addition of a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. The JIT compiler improves the performance of PHP by dynamically translating code at runtime into machine code, which can be executed directly by the processor. This results in significant speed im-provements, particularly for CPU-bound tasks.

Union Types

PHP 8 intro-duces union types, which allow developers to declare a type that can be one of several possible types. For example, a variable can be declared as a string or an integer. This feature improves type safety and makes it easier to write more robust and main-tainable code.

Named Arguments

Named arguments allow developers to pass arguments to a function by name, rather than by position. This feature makes code more readable and easier to maintain, especially for functions with many arguments.


Attributes allow developers to add metadata to code, which can be used by frameworks, tools, and libraries to perform various tasks. This feature makes it easier to write code that is compatible with different libraries and frameworks.

Match Expressions

Match expressions are a new control stru-cture that allows developers to perform pattern matching on a value. This feature is similar to switch statements but provides more flexi-bility and is easier to read.

Consistent Type Errors

PHP 8 introduces consistent type errors, which provide more accurate and in-formative error messages when type errors occur. This feature makes it easier to identify and fix bugs in code.

Improved Error Handling

PHP 8 includes several im-provements to error handling, in-cluding new error types, improvements to error messages, and the ability to throw ex-ceptions from error handlers.

What You Need to Know as a Developer

If you’re a developer, there are a few things you need to know about PHP 8:


While PHP 8 includes many new features and improvements, it may not be compatible with all existing code. Before upgrading to PHP 8, it’s important to test your code thoroughly to ensure compatibility.


PHP 8’s JIT compiler provides significant performance improvements, particularly for CPU-bound tasks. However, the benefits of the JIT compiler may not be noticeable for all applications.

Type Safety

Union types and consistent type errors in PHP 8 make it easier to write more robust and main-tainable code. As a developer, it’s important to take advantage of these features to improve the quality of your code.

Error Handling

PHP 8 includes several improvements to error handling, which can make it easier to identify and fix bugs in code. As a developer, it’s important to understand these im-provements and use them to improve the quality of your code.


PHP 8 is a major release with several new features and im-provements that can help developers write more robust, maintainable, and performant code. However, it’s important to test existing code for compatibility before upgrading to PHP 8. As a developer, you should also take ad-vantage of new features like union types, named argu-ments, attributes, and match expressions to write more efficient and readable code. With improved error handling, you can now identify and fix bugs in your code more easily. Contact Php Development Agency is a significant step for-ward for the language and should be considered by developers looking to im-prove the quality and per-formance of their code.

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Written by Alan Walker


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