MBBS from Altai State Medical University and Its Features

Altai State Medical University (AGMU) is one of the top government universities in the city of Barnaul, Russia. Altai Krai is named after the beautiful Altai Mountains. It is the hometown of the Altai people. The Altai people are Turkic people who have lived in the region for more than 10,000 years. The city of Barnaul is also relatively close to the border between Russia and Mongolia and China’s border. Barnaul is the city and administrative center of Altai Krai and an important industrial center of Western Siberia. The city holds more than 100 industrial companies. The top industries include in the country are diesel and carbon processing; heavy machinery production, tire manufacturing, and footwear making. Its excellent learning environment can promote the development of high-quality medical knowledge. This prestigious university aims to improve education quality, encourage practice and self-learning, instill a sense of responsibility, and strengthen international connections. Altai State Medical University (AGMU) is unquestionably one of Russia’s top and best medical institutions where you can plan to study MBBS. Russia can provide many services to aspiring MBBS students worldwide, mostly Indians, because Indian private medical schools’ tuition fees are very high.

The Indian government MBBS Universities, which promises to provide high-quality medical education at a low cost, is fortunate. Students must take a large number of medical entrance exams to enter public universities. Although they passed the entrance exams, they still failed to enroll due to corruption or high donation fees.

Why Study from Altai State Medical University (AGMU)?

Altai State Medical University (AGMU) is one of the top government universities in the city of Barnaul, Russia. It sustains more than 60 departments and has 7 departments. The university is one of the well-known universities in the Russian Federation and has highly qualified teaching staff.

  • The university is affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and is accredited by the World Health Organization and the National Medical Commission (NMC).
  • The university actively participates in the implementation of innovative projects in the field of basic and clinical research. The AGMU (Altai State Medical University) scientists initiative has received due recognition at both the federal and international levels.
  • Altai State Medical University’s (AGMU) high-quality academic training, with particular emphasis on practical experience and applicability, has made the university enjoy a reputation in all relevant Russian university rankings.
  • Altai State Medical University (AGMU) attaches great importance to the safety of international students. The university has three dormitories in the city center, with easy access to the educational building, the university’s clinical facilities, and the Barnaul clinic.
  • The youth hostel has modern kitchens, sports fields, reading rooms, and halls for various activities; all rooms are arranged in an orderly manner. The student union is actively committed to the placement and relocation of students, the organization of cultural and sports activities, community workdays, and campus management.


Altai State Medical University (AGMU) MBBS does not require entrance exams or similar exams IELTS (International English Language Test System) or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Indian candidates can enter the university as long as they have NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) qualifications. Russian Universities have bilateral agreements with universities across Asia, Europe, and America, which helps students grow through valuable international relationships and work experience in international research teams. If we talk about the university’s position, it is the oldest and the top medical university for MBBS in Russia.

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