Is Zoom Safe To Use To Maintain Social Distancing

To prevent COVID-19 circulation, people are now quarantined in their homes either by themselves or throughout government orders. It forces a business to implement work from home policies to keep it running. However, in this social distancing, people are trying different ways to communicate with each other virtually throughout video conferencing to stay connected with each other.

There is a number of video conferencing apps available in the market. But among all the apps, Zoom has taken over with widespread coronavirus to connect people & reduce distancing across the globe despite the sea boundaries. Wondering what zoom is? And why people love it? Let’s dig in.

What is ZOOM?

Zoom is a California based technology company that offers video conferencing solutions across multiple platforms. Apart from that, it lets you add up to 1,000 video participants & 10,000 viewers in just one video call session. Also, business features like sharing the screen, images, docs, and video sharing options are available within the app that you can use with the ongoing video meeting. So its quite easy to conduct online meetings, webinars, video conferencing, phone, and chatting with the help of zoom. To get the personalized experience, you can also customize backgrounds and emojis as per your choice.

Why are people crazy about Zoom?

Well, there is a number of video calling apps that enable you to do video chat with up to 4 people simultaneously. But zoom’s free plan allows you to add up to 100 video participants in your video meeting that can last up to 40 mins. That’s the reason why in really less time, it becomes life savior for businesses & people to communicate & conduct meetings with more people or with their working from home employees. Day by day, more & more people are getting attacked to zoom for their happy time, meetings, group calls, and even marriages or funerals.

Is Zoom safe to use?

Since the implementation of lockdown and social distancing, Zoom’s daily active users jumped from 10 million to 300 million. It clearly shows how much people love this app to stay connected with their loved ones. Also, there are widespread stories of “Zoomboming” that is one type of attack in which user experiences broadcast of pornographic, racist, or explicit content in an ongoing zoom call.

The leading Boston’s FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) also issued notice that warns people about zoom hacking. Apart from that, many people have shared their stories of unwanted interrupts & activities during their Zoom calls. Also, some countries like India urged their govt. Officers not to do Zoom calls due to safety issues. Also, plenty of users have complained and shared their Zoomboming stories online, so It’s reasonable to have questions regarding Zoom’s privacy and security.

In response to the ongoing “Zoomboming,” Zoom has released specific guidelines along with a new & improved version of their app that is Zoom 5.0. It comes with new privacy controls and enhanced AES 256-bit GCM security encryption to prevent such future attacks. However, it clearly shows that Zoom is failed to win their user’s trust.

There are so many alternatives to stay connected, but if you continue to use Zoom for meetings, here are some tips for you.

  • Keep the meeting link limited to trusted contacts only.
  • Make sure that screen sharing by only controlled by your host.
  • Turn on the option that allows only signed-in participants to join the call.
  • Set two-factor authentication
  • Disable private chat and video for participants.

Lastly, report to zoom if you find any unwanted activity during your zoom call. Also, don’t forget to share this update with your friends and family to stay secure during this quarantine.

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