China Is Very Near to a “Post Corona Country” 



  • Hubei province says Tuesday travel limitations on Wuhan city will be lifted.
  • The Wuhan in China was locked down on January 23 to prevent the spread of the disease, now going to unlock.
  • The release of limitations comes as the virus has spread globally in a pandemic.

The lockdown in the capital city of Wuhan will be removed partially and starting April 8, which would end a lockdown after a two-months: announced by Chinese authority on Tuesday, March 24. Hubei has seen almost no new coronavirus infection cases for more than a week.

On April 8, begin allowing most of its 60 million residents to leave, ending nearly two months of lockdown. People with a good of health will be allowed to leave, the provincial government said. The Wuhan, where the outbreak started in late December, will remain locked down until April 8.

The city of 11 million was put in lockdown on January 23 to stem the spread of the COVID-19, which has so far claimed nearly 3,300 lives and infected more than 81,000 people across mainland China.

China is going to repair its reputation

china reputation

In the most recent week, we’ve heard Wuhan surgeons cautioning the UK and others that they have to accomplish more to ensure cutting edge health workers, referring to the missteps they made early on treated patients without wearing appropriate defensive clothing. But on the other hand, there’s been reported in state media of the reported death toll in Italy outperforming that in China.

Simultaneously there is the risk of a second wave from imported cases travelers coming from abroad. The thing is that some different nations aren’t paying attention to the danger since they aren’t doing what China did. Mostly all the cases in Beijing that have been made open are of Chinese nationals returning. China is sowing seeds of doubt and questioning assumed facts as it looks to repair its reputation.

Easing restrictions


Beginning from Wednesday, individuals in Hubei will be permitted to leave the area if they have a green QR code on their phones, the Hubei government said in a notification on Weibo, China’s Twitter platform.

Hubei has requested every citizen to get the colour based QR code. The codes come in red, yellow, and green. It will show the health status of individuals.

  • Red colour code: The people with a fever
  • Yellow colour code: People who have close contacts with patients and
  • Green colour code: People without any record in the database.

Green colour code peoples are healthy and safe to travel. On April 8, with a green QR code will be able to leave the city and the province.

Businesses in Wuhan will also gradually resume, based on risk assessment, while the reviving dates for schools and colleges remain to be determined. People from a different region of China will be permitted to enter Hubei and Wuhan if they have a green QR code, with no extra desk work required, as per the Chinese government.

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